Why Invisalign is Right for You!

Why Invisalign is Right for You!

Jul 01, 2018

More and more people today are starting to shy away from traditional wire braces and turn towards a more attractive alternative: Invisalign! Invisalign can effectively correct your smile and help you achieve your goals when it comes to your teeth. Nobody wants to live with an unsightly smile. That is why we want to help every one of our patients achieve that perfect smile that they deserve.

How Does Invisalign Stack up to Traditional Braces?

In terms of effectiveness and speed, Invisalign is perfect for people with slight tooth misalignment. However, for people with seriously misaligned teeth, traditional braces might be the right choice for them. When it comes to the heavy duty tasks that some mouths present, there is no alternative to traditional braces for effectiveness. The problem is that many people find traditional braces unattractive and do not want people to notice all of that hardware in their mouth.

This is where Invisalign really shines. For people who use Invisalign, it is possible to wear it for years without most people even noticing. It seamlessly corrects your teeth in a way that is not obvious.

Invisalign is a clear aligning tray that you wear throughout the day that slowly straightens your teeth overtime. You move from one tray to the next until your teeth are straight. For most people, the process can be extremely fast, sometimes even faster than traditional braces!

Arguably, one of the biggest perks associated with Invisalign is not even the fact that it is more attractive. Many people prefer Invisalign because you do not have to change your diet. With traditional wire braces, you are severely limited in the types of food you eat and the way you eat them. However, with Invisalign you simply remove the tray while you eat, clean your teeth, then put the tray back in!

If you have any questions regarding Invisalign treatment, please give us a call today.

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