Veneers vs. Lumineers Explained by a Local Dentist

Veneers vs. Lumineers Explained by a Local Dentist

Oct 09, 2018

Cosmetic dentistry is probably the quickest way to a healthy smile. But there are many options to take in cosmetic dentistry, knowing which one is right for you will work wonders for all parties involved. One of the most common questions asked in this field of dentistry is “What are the differences and similarities between veneers and Lumineers?”

Comparing Lumineers and Veneers

Dental veneers hide teeth that aren’t exactly shining to their maximum potential. But both veneers and Lumineers can quickly benefit problems such as:

  • Cracks and Chips
  • Stains or discoloration that is unresponsive to whitening
  • Small gaps between teeth
  • Misaligned Teeth
  • Oddly Shaped Teeth (It may be hard to get a mold)

In either case, if it’s one thing you ought to be informed about is a mouth disease such as tooth decay, gum disease or other dental problems. Therefore, you should be well aware of the risks before moving to the operating room.

The Difference Between Lumineers and Veneers

Veneers require some tooth preparation before installment to properly fit the porcelain veneer. Since this tooth preparation is done by the shaving of the tooth’s surface, there will always be something covering your tooth. Veneers are a very permanent solution. However, you will feel much better having discussed with my students and providing me with some information.

Lumineers, however, are placed without the removal of your natural tooth’s service. So, if you’re looking to keep your enamel to further protect your teeth from erosion, then Lumineers are perfect.

Seeing Your Dentist for More Information

To decide which is right for you, contact your local dentist office and discuss the options as they relate to your personal lifestyle. Be sure to inform your dentist of any lifestyle changes you consider to be crucial when selecting veneers or Lumineers. It is a choice that many cannot regress from. In other words, once made, you are more than likely stuck with your decision. The good news is that both of these cosmetic surgeries work cosmetic miracles for many people.

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