Top 5 Teeth Whitening Facts with A Cosmetic Dentist

Top 5 Teeth Whitening Facts with A Cosmetic Dentist

Mar 16, 2019

You might not like to be seen if you have stains on teeth due to consumption of coffee, tea, tobacco or natural ageing. You might need a professional tooth whitening to get free from a dental discoloration. You can get a smile in an hour or less you were longing for.

Learn top 5 facts with a cosmetic dentist while going for teeth whitening-

  • You can do it in-office or at home

There is a kind of whitening treatments: in-office or at home. In-office treatment, a dentist at Harmony Dental applies a powerful whitening gel to your teeth multiple times. In an hour, your smile will become 6-8 times whiter. It is a perfect instant solution.

Dentists provide the customized home kit. It consists of a set of mouth trays with the whitening gel. This will give the result in almost 2 weeks.

  • Results can last for years

With proper care, results will last for a long time. Regularly brush and floss your teeth and avoid intake of staining foods and beverages. No whitening treatment lasts for a lifetime; always a touch-up is required in 2 years.

  • It won’t damage your teeth

Whitening products if overused may damage enamel. Dentists use bleaching solutions and know for how long the teeth can be exposed before any negative effects develop.

This can’t sure with the whitening kits bought from a store.

  • It’s best for the kids to wait

When a child’s teeth are at the developing stage, their enamel is usually thinner than an adult’s. Whitening could cause them harm. Harmony Dental does not recommend whitening for anyone below 18.

  • It won’t affect dental work

If you have crowns, fillings or veneers, a whitening treatment won’t affect the colour. Pre-inform the dentist regarding any dental work you have undergone. They will ensure that your smile comes out of the same colour. It might involve bleaching your teeth to match your current restorations.

Tooth whitening is the fastest, easiest and affordable ways that help in improving your appearance. For any questions, consult a dentist before getting a whitening treatment.

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