The Best Dental Practice in Pearland for Fillings

The Best Dental Practice in Pearland for Fillings

Mar 30, 2018

We always tell our patients at Harmony Dental to schedule a dental cleaning with us at least twice each year. Part of the reason is to give our dentists an opportunity to catch any tooth decay early on before it grows more. We can prevent cavities from growing with composite fillings. Read on to learn more about fillings and why composite resin is the best option for your teeth and overall health.

What are fillings?

Fillings are a material that is placed in the area of decay in a tooth. Dental fillings are important to avoid further growth of the decayed area. They also help to alleviate toothache and sensitivities to hot or cold foods and drinks. Catching cavities early on will also keep you from needing more expensive and painful procedures such as a root canal.

Why is composite resin the best?

With today’s technology and research comes a better understanding of how our body reacts to certain materials. Dentists no longer use mercury fillings because mercury is toxic to our bodies. We now use composite resin for our dental fillings. Composite resin fillings are not only safer but more aesthetic. Their appearance is more similar to your natural tooth enamel color. You won’t even be able to distinguish where your tooth ends, and the filling begins with composite resin. The material also stays the same shape versus the ever-changing silver amalgam fillings.

If you are in need of a filling due to a cavity, then contact Harmony Dental in Pearland, TX to set up your next appointment. Visit our website to read our many reviews and learn why our dentists only provide the very best treatment. Contact us today if you have any further questions or concerns about your dental fillings.

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