Signs That You May Need to Have a Tooth Extracted

Signs That You May Need to Have a Tooth Extracted

Jun 01, 2019

Do you need a tooth extraction? It is the removal of a tooth from its socket. There are many reasons why you may need to remove your tooth. Here’s a look at 5 reasons for the removal of a tooth.

5 signs recommended by the dentist in Pearland that you may need to have a tooth extracted

  • You have a damaged tooth.

If you have badly decayed teeth, the dentist will try to fix it with a dental filling, crown, or other treatment. The dentist may recommend the removal of the tooth if your tooth has so much decay or damage that repairing is not possible.

  • Your tooth is infected.

The infection is the tooth root is a common reason which leads to the removal of the tooth. A root canal is performed when the pulp of the tooth becomes infected. If the tooth infection is so severe that the root canal and antibiotic can’t cure it, the tooth may need to be removed for preventing the spread of infection.

  • You have crowded teeth.

Crowded teeth can be caused by genetics or an injury. They can cause wear and tear, tooth loss, periodontal disease, and jaw joint damage. The tooth may need to be removed if you have crowded teeth. Sometimes the dentist removes teeth for preparing the patient’s mouth for orthodontic treatment. The aim of orthodontic treatment is the alignment of teeth which may not be possible with crowded teeth.

  • You have impacted teeth.

The impacted teeth usually occur due to a lack of space in the jaw bone. The third molars known as wisdom teeth are more likely to be impacted. The dentist may recommend that you have your wisdom teeth removed if they cause infection, pain, or crowd other teeth. Wisdom teeth that are healthy and come in properly don’t cause problems.

  • You have loose teeth.

Loose teeth will need to be removed if they are not in a condition to be saved. Periodontal disease and gum infection can destroy the jawbone. Gum disease can cause teeth to loosen in their sockets and extraction may be required.

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