How to Best Care for Yourself After a Tooth Extraction

How to Best Care for Yourself After a Tooth Extraction

Jul 16, 2019

Do you know when a dentist need to extract the tooth? If you think that when the dentist doesn’t have any other option, then you are right. This is the last option for the dentist, before that if there is any possibility not to extract the teeth, so they prefer not to extract. Before the extraction, you must make sure that the dentist has experience and has dealt with many such kinds of operation.

What generally happens when a tooth is extracted?

There can be many reasons for tooth extraction, such as wisdom tooth, damaged, broken, infection, chemotherapy, and beyond repairable. Before extracting the teeth dentist makes sure that they know the exact situation of your test, so they take an x-ray. If you are taking any kind of medication, supplements, protein, and so on, it will help if you told your dentist about that so they can perform the surgery properly.

Tips for how to best care of yourself post-surgery.

The best thing you can do is listen to your dentist because they know the actual situation and they also perform the complete surgery. Your surgery can take a few weeks to heal so you can follow a few tips which are given below

  • You can expect to bleed within 24 hours so contact your dentist to inform you about the same
  • To reduce the swelling, you can use an ice pack every 20 minutes
  • For a few days, you can avoid hard foods and eat only soft foods
  • Your dentist might suggest you rinse your mouth with the help of warm salt water mix
  • It will help if you avoid smoking and alcohol for a few weeks so the healing process cannot be stopped.

How to prevent the need for a tooth extraction?

If you take care of your teeth properly, you may not need to get teeth extraction in your life. Make sure that you clean your teeth every single day with the proper method and also visit the dentist at least two times a year. If you follow these two rules, you may not need to go for the extraction of the teeth. You can fix your appointment at Harmony Dental. They have experience regarding the same kind of treatment.

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