Fixing Teeth Alignment with Dental Bridges

Fixing Teeth Alignment with Dental Bridges

Nov 16, 2018

Losing a tooth can have several effects on a person. It can cause them to feel self-conscious about their appearance, affect their ability to speak or chew comfortably, and possibly lead to bone recession and the loss of more teeth. A dental bridge is a good solution for replacing a lost tooth or teeth and preventing any further damage. Your dentists at Harmony Dental in Pearland, TX are happy to offer this dental restoration.

How teeth alignment affects your health

When a tooth falls out, the neighboring teeth may shift to fill in the resulting gap. All of the teeth are arranged in a specific way, depending on the shape of your mouth and your bite, so when any small change occurs, the entire alignment of the teeth can get thrown off. A missing tooth can cause the remaining teeth to become misaligned. It can also cause the tooth roots to become exposed, making the teeth sensitive to extreme temperatures and making them more susceptible to bacterial accumulation and infection. A misalignment can also lead to problems with the jaw joint.

Dental bridge treatments to restore your bite

A dental bridge consists of a fabricated tooth (or teeth) called the pontic that is anchored in place to one or two abutment teeth, usually treated with dental crowns. Bridges are custom-designed to look natural and restore function to the teeth.

Placing a dental bridge

To have a bridge placed, the teeth neighboring the gap will be prepared to receive dental crowns. The bridge, including the crowns that will fit onto the prepared teeth, will be custom-made using impressions taken of the teeth. It will be bonded to the prepared teeth, with the pontic resting within the gap.

Ensuring the proper fit of a dental bridge

Your dentist at Harmony Dental will want to make sure that your dental bridge fits comfortably. An improperly fitting bridge can be not just uncomfortable, but may even cause harm, leading to infections and other problems. To achieve a proper fit, your dentist can have the bridge adjusted or take a new mold and have the bridge remade.

If you are looking for a good tooth replacement option in Pearland, TX, contact Harmony Dental to book an appointment today.

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