Facts About Bone Grafting

Facts About Bone Grafting

Apr 30, 2018

Has your Harmony Dental dentist recommend dental implants for your smile? In order to complete the procedure, you will most likely need to get a bone graft done. What is a bone graft? Is it a safe procedure? Continue reading on for more information and facts about bone grafting.

Bone grafting is a routine procedure in our Harmony Dental clinic. In recent years, many dentists have made bone grafting into a standard procedure for dental patients. Our dentists can provide patients with an anesthetic or conscious sedation to avoid pain. This can also help to calm patients with anxiety. A number of materials can be used for bone grafting. The best method is to use the bone from each patient’s body. This prevents the individual’s body from rejecting new bone being placed. Our dentists can take bone from an individual’s hip, jaw, or lower knee. If obtaining bone from a patient is not an option, then we can request bone from a tissue bank. New innovations have made bone grafting into a safe and effective method for many patients.

Bone grafting allows for your body to rebuild itself. The new bone graft is used as a framework for the new bone to grow on. Eventually, the old graft will be completely replaced with new bone your miraculous body has grown. It is amazing to see the complete regeneration process take place. Your body is dependent on a healthy amount of bone tissue. It also helps to maintain your oral health and keep your teeth healthy.

For more information on the complete bone grafting treatment, we encourage you to speak with members of our dental staff. If you are in need of a bone graft, then we welcome you to contact our Harmony Dental clinic today to set up your next consultation.

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