5 Root Canal Myths

5 Root Canal Myths

Jun 15, 2018

It can confidently be said that over the years, root canals have become sort of the “bad guys’ in dental procedures. Root canals, also known as endodontic therapy, is. treatment plan aimed at removing infected tissue from inside of the tooth and then filling it ignorer to avoid further decay or even loss of any of your precious teeth. While you may be scared of root canals, in this article, we’ll discuss why some of the biggest myths associated with root canals aren’t even true.

1.Root Canals are Painful

Thanks to modern anesthetics and highly skilled professionals, root canals conducted in 2018 are not as painful as they might have been in the past. A root canal shouldn’t any more painful than a routine filling.

2.Root Canals are Too Expensive

While each patient’s circumstances, the dental office, and the type of insurance had will vary, it is important to note a few things about the cost of root canals.Root canals are extremely difficult and complex procedures and end up being a lot less expensive than having a dental extraction filled in with a dental bridge or implant.

3.Tooth Pain Instantly Goes Away

With the root canal itself will help to take care of the pain associated with the infected tooth, there will be a bit of pain following the procedure. This is due sensitivity and swelling that is a result of the procedure itself.

4.Benefits of Root Canal Therapy are Short-Lived

The results of a root canal are long-lasting, and can even last a lifetime if coupled with regular visits to the dentist, and a well-fitting crown.

5.Pulling an Infected Tooth is Better Than a Root Canal

Noting can replace a real tooth. This would require a replacement alternative which is ultimately more money and more time in the dental office.

At Harmony Dental, we want our patients to never fear coming through our doors. One way we attempt to achieve that is by keeping you all very educated on what our treatments entails and what they fix. If you are suffering from pain or if you have more questions about root canals, please give out Pearland, TX, offices a call to speak with one of us today!

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