How Long Does Dental Bone Graft Last?

Dental implants and bone grafts go hand in hand. You might have heard the term bone graft in your dental implant appointment. So what is a dental bone graft? It is a dental procedure in which a foreign bone is attached to the jaw bone to restore a recessing bone. The new bones grafted to the jaw grow into the bone, recreating the lost bone tissues. Contact a dentist near you if you have any dental bone graft questions.

Is dental bone graft in Pearland an option for you? Are you wondering how long it will last? Here is an article for you

Types of Bone Graft

    1. Block Bone Graft

A block bone graft is a restorative procedure where the jawbone has exceedingly receded. A tiny block is obtained from the back of your jaw and grafted onto the affected jaw bone. Then, the graft is screwed to hold it in position. This procedure is usually used if you are missing several teeth.

    1. Socket Graft

Socket graft is a preventive dental procedure immediately after tooth extraction. A bone from a human donor is placed into the socket to prevent socket collapse and loss of alveolar bone. This procedure is done if you require a dental implant as soon as a tooth is extracted. However, six months is allowed before you can receive an implant.

    1. Sinus Graft

Teeth loss in your upper jaw may cause the sinus to drop, necessitating a sinus bone graft. Sinus graft is a procedure in which the lining membrane of the sinus is lifted to create space for dental implants. A bone graft, usually equine bone, is grafted between the membrane and the jaw bone. The graft lifts the sinus allowing more jawbone onto which a dental implant can be done.

When Do I need a Dental Bone Graft?

A dental bone graft is a preparation procedure for dental implants. If you have some teeth extracted and are considering dental implants, you might need a dental bone graft near you. Your dentist will examine your missing teeth to ascertain their effects on the jawbone. Our dentist in Pearland, TX, will advise you to do a bone graft where your missing teeth have caused jaw bone loss.

What Happens on My First Bone Graft Appointment?

On your first appointment with Harmony Dental – Pearland, you will have a one-on-one Q/A session with one of our dentists. The session is to determine your suitability for the bone graft procedure and clarify any questions you might have about the process. An X-ray will ascertain the extent of your jawbone bone loss. Your dentist will then customize a treatment plan for you.

What is the Procedure of Bone Grafting?

Bone grafting is a surgical process that involves making an incision through your gums into the jaw. First, local anesthesia is administered to help in pain management. Next, an incision is made to expose the jaw. Bones are then transplanted onto the affected jaw and the gums stitched back. It takes an average of two weeks before you start feeling well. Full recovery takes up to 9 months.

How Long Does a Dental Bone Graft Last?

Dental bone graft is a procedure with high success rates. The bone graft’s durability varies from patient to patient and is difficult to quantify. It is important to note that bone graft yields result where a proper diagnosis is made before an implant is done. Some medical conditions such as diabetes, osteoporosis, thyroid disorders, and gum recession may cause the procedure to fail. Additionally, habits such as smoking and poor oral hygiene may affect the durability of the bone grafts.


A dental bone graft restores bone loss in your jaw. Let our bone graft specialist in Pearland walk you through the process, and be sure to inform them about your medical conditions. This way, they can assess whether you are a good candidate for a bone graft. Of course, how long the bone graft lasts will depend on your health and your body’s response to the procedure.