Six Tips to Follow When Using Teeth Whitening Strips

Presently everyone seems to want whiter teeth than they have. Common questions raised by people include which treatment is ideal for teeth whitening. People are aware that getting teeth whitening near you is not challenging but are fearful about the higher prices charged by dental professionals to whiten teeth. However, dentists provide safe and effective treatments delivering instant results. In many cases, people prefer over-the-counter teeth whitening strips because they appeal to them because of the ease they can be applied.

If you, too, are considering teeth whitening in Pearland, you can visit drugstores or convenience stores where you can find numerous whitening strips displayed on the shelves. However, you may well confuse yourself trying to select the best brand for whitening your teeth without adequate knowledge of the kind of discoloration affecting them. Therefore, even as you believe the strips are easy to use and inexpensive to boot, it helps if you follow the six tips mentioned in this article to achieve your desired goal.

Do You Understand Why Your Teeth Have Discolored?

Tooth discoloration is a common problem among many accustomed to having staining foods like pasta sauces, berries, et cetera, and beverages like coffee, tea, red wine, and others. Your teeth can discolor from aging, medications, or even infections and injuries. Discoloration from foods and beverages remains on surfaces of your teeth while staining from infections, injuries, aging, and medicine are on the intrinsic surfaces.

External staining is comfortably removable by brushing with whitening toothpaste. Unfortunately, intrinsic staining requires help from the dentist in Pearland, TX, because your teeth may not respond to whitening treatments. However, if you have selected whitening strips instead of the treatment from a dentist, you must follow the tips mentioned in this article to achieve the desired results.

What Tips Must You Follow When Using Teeth Whitening Strips?

1. Consistency Matters

The application of teeth whitening strips your teeth must happen every day without skipping. Continue the application of the strips for the entire duration mentioned in the instructions. In most cases, most teeth whitening strips need application every day for a minimum of two weeks.

2. Brush Your Teeth before the Application

Brush your teeth with a wet toothbrush before applying the whitening strips. You can also use toothpaste, so long as you refrain from fluoride toothpaste before the application. Fluoride causes the whitening strips to become ineffective. The whitening strips contain an agent to whiten your teeth, and fluoride makes them ineffective. After brushing your teeth, ensure that you rinse with water to help the whitening agent enter the pores of your teeth to whiten teeth effectively.

3. Prevent Uneven Whitening

Precision is essential when placing teeth whitening strips on your teeth. Unfortunately, teeth are challenging to cover entirely with strips of the two-dimensional variety. Regardless of how careful you are with the application, some areas of your teeth remain uncovered. These areas do not benefit from the strips to leave you with uneven whitening. Therefore do not rush through the application but take your time doing your best to cover teeth to achieve optimal results.

4. Teeth Whitening Strips Are Best Used in Moderation

Dental professionals and experts advise the moderate use of teeth whitening strips because overdoing the treatment at home can cause sensitivity and may even result in permanent damage. In addition, teeth whitening strips can erode tooth enamel, the hard protective outer layer of your teeth. Therefore overusing these strips can cause tooth loss because of enamel weakening.

5. Prevent Contact with Your Gums

Teeth whitening strips have hydrogen peroxide bleaching ingredients not as powerful as the variety used by dentists. Unfortunately, they retain their ability to damage your soft tissues and gums. Therefore, you must keep the teeth whitening strips away from your gums and, if required, cut the strips to suit the shape of your teeth.

6. Refrain from Having Pigmented Foods or Beverages after Whitening

Do not extend your hand for your favorite cup of coffee soon after removing teeth whitening strips from your teeth. Your teeth need some time to close the pores after removing the strips, and if you consume darkening foods or beverages soon after their removal, you are likely to develop strains. Remain away from staining foods and beverages until later in the day.

If you want to remove discoloration from your teeth, schedule an appointment with Harmony Dental Pearland providing safe and effective teeth whitening treatment with instant results.