Why Professional Fluoride Treatments Are Needed despite It Being Present in Water?

The American Dental Association, as well as the CDC, have recommended trace amounts of fluoride be included in water after observing that people that had access to fluoridated water were less likely to develop cavities. At the same time, a recommendation has been made that people obtain professional fluoride treatments every quarterly.

If the governing authorities have included trace amounts of fluoride in water why are these regulatory bodies compelling people also to obtain professional fluoride treatments from dentists? Are they attempting to provide additional business to dentists? Let us look at how professional fluoride treatments can help people in their battle against tooth decay.

The most effective agent available to prevent tooth decay is fluoride. It is a natural mineral that is present in different amounts in almost all types of foods and water. The benefits of fluoride have been understood for over five decades and are supported by the health and professional organizations mentioned above.

How Can Fluoride Treatments Help People?

Fluoride functions in two ways:

Topical fluoride can strengthen the teeth after they have erupted by penetrating into the outer surface of the tooth which is the enamel to make the teeth resistant to decay. We can gain topical fluoride from dental products containing fluorides like toothpaste, mouth rinses, and gels. Dentists and dental hygienists are often recommending that children have a professional application of fluoride every six months during their dental checkups.

Systemic fluoride can strengthen the teeth that have erupted as well as the ones developing under the gums. Systemic fluoride will be available to us from foods and water supplies of the community. Your dentist or physician can also prescribe fluoride drops that are available in the form of a gel. It is common to observe fluoride drops being recommended for infants with tablets being more suited for children until they reach their teen years.

The fluoride received by people from foods and community water supplies is not sufficient to prevent tooth decay. Your dentist or dental hygienist may suggest the use of home or professional fluoride treatments for the following reasons:

  • Exposed and sensitive root surfaces.
  • Deep pits and fissures on the chewing surfaces of the teeth.
  • Fair to poor oral hygiene habits.
  • Sugar and carbohydrate intake frequently.
  • Lack of exposure to fluoride.
  • Medical treatments, medications or conditions preventing an adequate flow of saliva.
  • A history of dental decay.

How to Get the Fluoride Treatments Needed from a Professional?

Fluoride treatments are offered by most dentists in a simple procedure with just lasts for about 30 minutes. The dentist offering fluoride treatment in Pearland, TX, will apply the fluoride to the teeth and advise the patient not to have any foods or beverages for about half-an-hour. The application will be in the form of a varnish, gel, or mouth rinse. You will be free to walk away after the procedure that would have been conducted in a simple manner without the need for any anesthesia or invasive treatments.

Despite obtaining the fluoride treatment at Pearland, TX, you need to maintain proper oral hygiene habits because fluoride cannot prevent tooth decay from developing. It is just a preventive measure that should be undertaken with the knowledge that maintaining proper oral hygiene is a requirement that cannot be overlooked.

How Often Do You Need Fluoride Treatments?

The ADA and CDC have recommended professional fluoride treatments every quarterly but discussing with your dentist is suggested about the duration at which you will require fluoride treatments.

A visit to the dentist for a fluoride treatment in Pearland, TX, should not be a financial burden on you. The treatments are offered for around $ 30 for adults but if your children need the treatments they are covered by dental insurance. Discussing with the dentist beforehand about the costs involved will set your mind at peace.

The earlier children are exposed to fluoride the better it will be for them to prevent cavities from developing in their mouths. Research conducted has revealed that children that receive fluoride treatments are 43 percent less likely to develop cavities than the children that haven’t. A dental hygienist at fluoride treatment at Pearland, TX, will confirm the research and may even provide you information about how adults that benefited from fluoridated water displayed lower chances of developing cavities.

Fluoride is present in food, water, and is also available as professional treatments. Food and water are not capable of determining the quantity of fluoride you need while the dentist is. It is perhaps the reason why professional fluoride treatments are recommended along with exams and checkups every six months to keep your teeth and smile in proper condition.