What to get for Halloween: Porcelain crowns vs. Ceramic crowns

Dental crowns are not a new concept in the world of oral health. They have been used over the years to increase the longevity of teeth by strengthening weak teeth. Patients get dental crowns for different reasons. For some of them, they need to create room for dental bridges, while others need reinforcement for damaged teeth. Whatever the reason. Dental crowns have benefited patients over the years.

In this Halloween, getting your dental health in check is an initiative you should take before considering any trick or treat activities. If you require dental sealants, then your dentist might also mention dental crowns for your treatment. When it comes to dental crowns, most people are not aware that there are different types of crowns used. Lucky for you, today we look at the porcelain and ceramic crowns to help you make your decision on which ones to get for Halloween.

All-ceramic crowns

All-ceramic dental crowns are usually made of zirconium dioxide, which is a porcelain-based material. These crowns are unique because they are 100 percent ceramic in the entire crown. The crowns are very natural looking to mimic the natural color of human teeth. With all-ceramic crowns, you may not need teeth whitening to match your natural teeth to the crown. These ceramics are commonly used to cap the front teeth, mostly because they can blend well with the neighboring teeth. All-ceramic crowns are also common among patients will metal allergies.

However, the durability of all-ceramic crowns is not as reliable as other crowns. For the most part, it depends on the quality of the underlying tooth. The filling materials also affect the sealing ability of this type of dental crown. Its greatest advantage over all other types is its life-looking appearance that is aesthetically appealing.

Porcelain-fused to metal

Other than all-ceramic crowns, there is another type of dental crown. The porcelain-fused-to-metal dental crowns are also made from porcelain, but not purely. Porcelain is usually connected to a metal structure, to increase the strength of the crown. The metal attachment makes the porcelain-fused to metal crown more durable than an all-ceramic dental crown. They are also resistant to wear.

A porcelain-fused-to-metal dental crown is not as aesthetically appealing as an all-ceramic crown. The metal part of the crown is darker than the rest of it. This means that it requires coverage so that the tint does not show through. The situation can be hard to manage if the gums of the patient begin to recede around the area of the treated tooth. This makes it harder for it to properly mimic the original color of your teeth.

Unfortunately, these dental crowns are very abrasive to opposing teeth. If it is not properly glazed and polished, it can cause significant wear to the opposing teeth. Some patients are also known to be allergic to the components in the metal part of the dental crown. Therefore, before opting for a porcelain-fused-to-metal dental crown, have your dentist know of your allergic triggers beforehand.

Are there any other types of dental crowns?

Other than the two mentioned, there are two other types of dental crowns that your dentist might mention in your visit there:

  • Gold alloys – this is a dental crown that features a mix of metals, including gold, palladium, nickel, chromium, and copper. Gold has been used to make dental crowns for many years now. However, the combination of metals increases the strength of the crown while reducing the cost. They are very durable dental crowns. They also do not require removing a lot of your enamel to be applied. They do not wear off quickly, neither do they easily crack nor break.
  • All resin – all resin dental crowns feature a mixture of nontoxic tooth-colored plastic and glass beads. From all the types of crowns available in the market, they are the most affordable. However, they also wear off more rapidly than all other crowns. This is why they are mostly used as temporary dental crowns, and not permanent.


Halloween should be your time to enjoy trick or treating with your friends and family. However, there is nothing more satisfying than having your oral health in check as you lead on with your life. Check with your dentist to ascertain that dental crowns can fix your dental problems, lest you require bone grafting to correct your dental formula and alignment.