4 Advantages of Composite Fillings

A composite filling is a common procedure in dental offices and is typically completed in one office visit.

The dentist numbs the problem tooth and the area surrounding it with a local anesthetic. He/she uses a dental drill to clear out the decay, and If too close to the tooth pulp, a special medication is used to prevent infection.

The dentist then places the filling material, files and polishes it to the desired shape and finally hardens it with the aid of a special light.

You may feel some short-term sensitivity to temperature extremes right after the procedure, and your dentist is likely to encourage you not to take any hot or cold food or beverage till the anesthetic wears off.

What are The Advantages of Composite Fillings?

1. You can use the treated tooth right after the procedure
2. Composite fillings are strong and flexible
3. They are tooth-colored which make them blend in with the tooth and make it appear natural
4. Composite fillings last longer than metal fillings

How Long do Composite Fillings Last?

Composite fillings are more durable than amalgams, but it’s not easy to accurately determine how long a filling will last. Some factors which could affect how long it could last include:

Post-procedure oral care: Observing the same oral care regime for your repaired tooth as you do with your regular teeth will extend its lifespan. Regular brushing, flossing, bi-annual dental cleaning, and exams will help keep your fillings for much longer.

Dental expertise: Your fillings will last longer if placed by a highly skilled dentist. This skill will also be evident in the way the treated tooth will be indistinguishable from the others.

Pressure on tooth: Too much pressure on a filled tooth may cause it to wear away quicker. The position of the filling, the ratio of filling material to the tooth; the frequency of usage; are factors that determine the stress on your teeth each time you chew or bite.

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