Everyone aspires to have a sparkling pearly white smile, yet many struggle finding the best way to achieve this daunting task. Our team at Harmony Dental provides safe and effective professional teeth whitening treatments. Continue reading on to see why you should talk to your dentist 77504 about this treatment and how it can benefit your smile in more than one way.

  1. IT ENHANCES YOUR APPEARANCE. Stains and discoloration can negatively affect a fresh smile. In just one whitening treatment your entire appearance can be transformed.
  2. IT BOOSTS YOUR SELF-CONFIDENCE. A white smile will encourage you to want to show off your new teeth.
  3. IT MINIMIZES THE LOOK OF WRINKLES. Putting the focus on your new pearly whites will minimize other issues you might already feel self-conscious over.
  4. IT DOESN’T BREAK THE BANK. Our affordable whitening treatments are custom made for any individual.
  5. IT MAKES YOU MORE ATTRACTIVE. Having a set of white teeth encourages individuals to smile more and makes them appear more attractive.
  6. IT HELPS YOU LET DOWN YOUR GUARD. You won’t be focused on hiding your smile anymore.
  7. IT MAKES YOU SEEM FRIENDLIER. Everyone is drawn to a happy smile.
  8. IT DOESN’T DAMAGE YOUR TEETH. Our safe treatments include an effective amount of bleach.
  9. YOU CAN THRIVE IN PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS. The confidence you will gain from your new smile will reflect in your day to day life.
  10. IT GIVES YOU A POSITIVE OUTLOOK ON LIFE. A simple thing can transform your attitude, leaving you feeling successful.

Contact our dental office today for more information regarding teeth whitening treatments and how they can greatly improve your smile, attitude, and health. Call us to schedule your next consultation.

TMJ Guards: Do I Need a Professional Fitting?

If you experience any of the many symptoms of TMJ disorder including headaches, teeth grinding, clicking and popping sounds, as well as intense pain, then it is likely that you could use a mouthguard. If you suffer from TMJ disorder, you have probably heard about how a mouthguard can help.

Mouthguards can serve as a protective barrier between your teeth to reduce damage and pain caused by the teeth grinding associated with TMJ disorder. There are many places that you can find mouthguards to purchase including online and in stores. However, these over-the-counter products may not be sufficient in providing protection for your mouth. No matter how tempting, over-the-counter products are never typically as good as professional sitting mouthguards.

How do Dentists Fit a TMJ Guard?

Your dentist will first examine your teeth to see if you are a good fit for a custom-made mouthguard for TMJ disorder. The dentist takes into consideration all of the connected systems that are involved with teeth grinding and TMJ disorder including the neuromuscular system that allows you to swallow, chew, and speak.

When it comes to a professionally fitting mouthguard for TMJ disorder, every mouthguard will be made uniquely. this is partially because everybody’s mouth is shaped a little bit differently. Also, people struggle with different levels of bruxism, or teeth grinding, and may need a different type of mouthguard. some patients suffer from different conditions such as muscle spasms, jaw locking, or just simple bruxism.

Since everyone has a different mouth and different symptoms, it makes sense that something as important as a mouthguard should be custom made by your dentist rather than purchased at Walmart.

If you have any more questions about a professionally-made mouthguard for TMJ disorder, please give us a call today.

TMJ/TMD Treatment Options

If you have noticed pain when you chew, a clicking sound when you open your mouth wide, or if your jaw freezes or locks sometimes, you may already be suffering from symptoms of TMJ or lockjaw. The pain associated with TMJ can make everyday actions like eating or laughing become uncomfortable.

TMJ Explained

The TMJ joint, or the temporomandibular joint, is where the jaw and temporal bones connect. This joint is the one that lets your jaw move up and down and side to side. It is responsible for allowing you to speak and eat. TMJ is actually only referring to the Joint itself. Any problem associated with The Joint should be referred to as a TMD, or temporomandibular disorder.

The causes of TMD, or lockjaw, get to be understood. Symptoms typically stem from problems with the jaw muscle or the joint itself. Sometimes traumatic injuries lead to TMD. TMD is also possibly caused by bruxism, or teeth grinding. Grinding of the teeth is typically associated with extreme stress that is realized by the nightly grinding of the teeth while the person is asleep.

Diagnosing Your Condition

When it comes to TMD, early diagnosis is very important. The earlier you can receive treatment, the sooner your pain can be relieved. Treating TMD properly can allow you to start speaking, laughing, and eating normally again, without any pain.

At our dental office, we can thoroughly evaluate your bite, teeth, and a diagnose any symptoms you may have that are related to TMD. We use advanced technology to examine the jaw and diagnose your condition quickly and easily.

If you have any more questions regarding TMJ, TMD, or lockjaw, please give us a call today.